Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Stars.

Monday my friend Libby, Alesia and I embarked on a road trip to New Hampshire and Conneticut. We began the adventure with a trip to Manhatten, stayed at Libby's parents in Conneticut then made it to New Hampshire. Today, we expolored a little bit of nature. Libby and I found some beaver dams by this small marsh which was ABSOLUTLEY beautiful. The water was reflecting the sky in such detail you couldn't tell what was up and what was down. The green mountains in the landscape made it even more amazing. The feeling of travel, the feeling of GeoJourney came rushing back in. It all hit me tonight, though.

The stars in New Hampshire are incredible. I missed those stars SO much since GeoJourney. There's something about a Bowling Green sky that just doesn't cut it. It's just not there. But tonight, the stars. They just splattered the sky so beautifully and perfectly. They were abundant and the composition was spot on. It was a masterpiece.

When I was staring at them (which I could have done forever) I felt like I couldn't make reason of it. I am so small yet God cares about me so much that my very eyes get to see this beauty. It brought me great joy. My joy was as vast as the sky.

It's what I've been waiting for. The whole fucking shitty winter. My soul was tired and craving this so much it hurt. It pained me to the core. It made me crumple like napkin poetry that wasn't good enough. But, this time, what I've been waiting for came. Tonight. And it was so good.

I very much needed the reminder. I needed the reminder of vastness and freedom and beauty. I know because it is not so often that I get to see the stars like that, it makes it so much sweeter. I will mourn the loss of these stars for the next few months when I get back to Ohio. But, I'll be back to a place where you can see them. Where they are bright and vibrant and abuandant and scattered across the sky in such perfection that it almost hurts to look at because it's so beautiful. And you yell "THIS IS INSANE!" and your heart feels squeezed and your stomach turns like a crush and it is just so wonderful.

I loved tonight. I tried to soak it up the best I could. I need these nights of nature.