Monday, July 25, 2011


I have two weeks left of summer project, then I come home. It's a bit of a strange experience to refer to two places as "home" at once. I often consider my apartment in Colorado my home. But the feeling is familiar. I recall calling my tent my home on the three month road/camping trip I did a few years ago. Home. The more I live life, the more I understand that home so much more fluid and less concrete than I ever thought possible. This has been bothering me the fast few weeks, as I struggle wanting to leave this home, for my other home. I love the mountains. I love hiking. I love the stars. I love the nighttime sounds. I love prairie dogs and waterfalls and even afternoon thunderstorms over the mountains. But, regardless, my life as other plans for the next year and unfortunately, the plans don't contain a location anywhere near mountains. I have to keep reminding myself that this year has a purpose, even though I often feel without purpose without the mountains surrounding me.

I need to learn to love God more than the mountains. A friend texted this prayer to me one day and it hit me hard. But, it's a brutal truth that brings light on why I have to go back to Ohio yet one more year (and maybe then some...) before I can move back to Colorado.

I pray this prayer, well, often. It pains me to love something MORE than the mountains, for some reason. It truly does. But, I have to remember I'm not giving up the mountains, I'm giving them up as my end all, be all. Because God is even better. And He's the one that made this beauty I call home around me. So, thanks, God, for allowing me to spend three months basking in my favorite things about you. Mountains.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vail in photographs.

A River.

Dave Lassoing Richie.

My roommate and new assistant project director, Leah and I.

One of my closest pals, Liz

A mountain goat we saw while climbing a 14er.

The top of the mountain after climbing the 14er. One of the hardest things I've done but definitely the most rewarding and beautiful.

One of my most favorite people on earth, my discipler, Shawna and Liz.

The best. Bible. Study. Ever.

Bible study laughin.

The whole gang, including staff.


Another view at the top. Snowy peaks for as far as you could see. SO INCREDIBLE.

Friend's on a hike.

The most hilarious bear ever.

Colorado wild flowers.